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Published June 2, 2020

I recently had a technical problem to solve that had me stumped. My first reflex was to read the available documentation, hoping to find an answer. I didn't find what I was looking for.

You Don't Have Time To Build A Rocket Ship
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Published May 26, 2020

While we all continue to shelter in place, many companies are now going through the process of getting ready to reopen offices. Here in New York the government has put in place a rigorous reopening plan (one that I suspect is similar to that of most other countries and states).

Getting ready to reopen offices!
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Published March 24, 2020

While office workers are sheltering at home and everyone is taking their jogs six feet apart through the parks of America and the world, many impacts on modern business is underway. But surprisingly not everything is doom and gloom.

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Published October 18, 2018

BTM or Business Transaction Management vs. Business Transaction Performance - two terms aimed to describe the current state of the affairs in what Gartner calls Transaction Profiling.


Ever since I came across the term BTM I questioned whether the term actually reflects what vendors do in this space.

transaction tracking