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meshIQ Cloud Platform

Built for Dev & Ops teams, meshIQ Cloud delivers the capabilities of meshIQ Navigator in the cloud. Developers build Kafka® based applications faster using self-service configuration management. Operations, on the other hand uses a single pane of glass to effectively manage one or more clusters. Even better, it supports all major versions including Apache® Kafka®, Confluent® Kafka and Amazon MSK in a single platform.

Deep dive into the messages with granular security to find and fix problems before they impact your customers. Enable developers to view, save, copy, and load Kafka messages, ensuring smooth, uninterrupted delivery of mission-critical services.

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On-Premises, Hybrid, and Multi-Cloud

Administration and Self-Service

Manage and control Kafka clusters using a cloud-based platform. Boost your Kafka productivity by building and testing applications faster. Dramatically reduce the operational risk of delivering a multi-cloud digital strategy with automated audited deployment, migration, and secure DevOps self-service with complete lifecycle management integrated into the DevOps tooling. Accelerate troubleshooting, root-cause analysis, and remediation. Securely manage multiple Kafka clusters at scale deployed on-premises or hybrid cloud.

Configuration management icon

Configuration Management

  • Centrally manage and control Kafka clusters deployed on-premises, cloud, or hybrid.
  • View and manage topics with ability to quickly configure and deploy new topics.
  • Load messages to test applications more efficiently.
  • Provide a single pane of glass across Kafka clusters even different flavors of Kafka.
Scheduling and automation icon

Scheduling and Automation

  • Schedule and automate changes and actions across your Kafka clusters.
  • Keep track of changes and roll back if needed.
  • Complete audit trail of all actions and changes.
  • Trigger automations via IT automation tools (e.g., Ansible).
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  • Build and test applications faster. Troubleshoot and address production issues quickly. Manage configurations across clusters and rollback changes quickly as needed.
  • Dive deep into the messages with granular security to find and fix problems before they cause a meltdown.
  • Achieve granular security which lets admins set the access controls, developers and QA can access their queues and messages via a secure portal.
  • Meet audit requirements with complete change logs and audit trail of user actions.

Full Life-Cycle Management for Apache Kafka, Confluent Kafka and Amazon MSK

  • Secure self-service configuration management of Kafka clusters from a single UI speeding up both development and operations.
  • Ability to discover Kafka brokers quickly and easily check consumers and their health.
  • Provide role-based access to Kafka resources, with granular access control for self-service and complete audit trail of all changes and actions.
  • Browse messages to troubleshoot quickly and load messages to recover from failure.
  • Make changes in bulk, interactively, scheduled, or automated and roll-back if required.
  • Find objects and messages quickly, including searching for business data across the whole environment.
  • Browse, move, copy, re-route, and edit messages, generate traffic of test messages for QA.
Secure Management for Middleware Administrators and Application Teams

Secure Management for Kafka Developers and Administrators

  • Configuration management of clusters at scale.
  • Self-service with role-based highly granular security and auditing.
  • Message Management and Testing.
Easily Deploy, Update & Migrate Using Hybrid Cloud Containers

Message Management and Testing

Enable developers to view, save, copy, and load Kafka messages from a central place.

  • Find messages quickly using search.
  • Browse, move, copy, delete and edit messages.
  • Modify, save & load messages in bulk.
  • Test your apps by generating message traffic.
Message Management and Testing

Enhanced Security

  • Role-based security with authentication and authorization from a central point.
  • Manage all your users, teams, groups, and access control.
  • Granular permissions by user, object, or action.
  • Easily manage large and small organizations.
  • Audit trail of all changes & actions.
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