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meshIQ Middleware Management Platform
Streamlined DevOps

Middleware Management has Never Been so Simple

Managing diverse Integration platforms without a middleware management solution can slow down the application development (Dev) cycle and make operations (Ops) challenging. An application may use one or more integration platforms to connect with the rest of the enterprise applications to exchange data and transactions. Developers need access to the underlying integration infrastructure and the ability to use a single API across all middleware platforms. This gives them flexibility to develop faster as they can now develop against a single API without having to code against multiple underlying integration platforms.

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Manage Configurations Across Multiple Integration Platforms

  • Create queues, channels etc. on the fly without waiting on the infrastructure team
  • Implement granular access control for integration provisioning by developers
  • Centrally manage access control for multiple Integration platforms across the enterprise
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API Driven Approach to Integration Management

  • Use a single API across all integration platforms and their variants
  • Single API to configure resources, simplifying code driven deployments for CI/CD
  • Collect metrics from a wide range of integration platforms using a simple API for monitoring
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Object Level Security and Role Based Access

  • High granularity access control all the way down to an object level
  • Enable users to view, edit, load, copy and paste messages
  • Generate audit trail of all changes made to objects by users
meshIQ Middleware Management Platform
Configure, Control and Deploy

Centralize Middleware Artifacts

Managing a wide range of integration platforms is not easy and it can slow down the development and operational processes. meshIQ’s middleware management solution simplifies integration configurations, DevOps and enables partial or complete rollback in case a deployment needs to be reversed. 

Full Infrastructure Observability

Schedule Changes and Actions at Any Time

Easily manage all middleware assets whether on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. Simultaneously make changes to one or multiple objects. Keep track of changes across servers, VMs & containers with our single pane of glass observability across distributed environments.

meshIQ Middleware Management Platform
meshIQ Middleware Management Platform
Streamlined Admin Empowerment

Improve Performance, Governance and Recovery

Enable your organization to handle thousands of changes simultaneously. Empower your admins to establish rules while providing secure and private access to developers and QA for their respective queues and messages. Maintain comprehensive change logs to ensure audits and compliance and to roll back changes as required.

What are our Client’s Saying?

Our requirements are tough and our expectations are very high. meshIQ has worked hard to deliver what we needed especially for our most market critical and highly exposed business applications.

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