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meshIQ Enterprise Platform

Elevate your infrastructure visibility with the comprehensive capabilities of the meshIQ Enterprise Platform, offering a unified solution for observability, management, and tracking across your entire integration landscape.

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meshIQ Middleware Observability and Management

Seamlessly ingest metrics, logs, and transactions from major messaging, event processing, and streaming platforms deployed in hybrid cloud environments, while centrally managing access control and configuring resources through a single API.

Generate comprehensive audit trails of all changes made to objects, and harness the power of advanced AI/ML algorithms to predict performance bottlenecks and outages, enabling proactive identification and resolution of issues.

Read below to explore the full range of capabilities offered by the meshIQ Enterprise Platform.

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Full Middleware Observability

  • Monitor everything in real-time
  • All major integration platforms supported
  • Alerts when thresholds are exceeded
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Simplified Middleware Management

  • Single API to configure resources, simplifying code driven deployments for CI/CD
  • Centrally manage access control for multiple Integration platforms across the enterprise
  • Generate audit trail of all changes made to objects by users
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Middleware Tracking & AI/ML

  • Ingest metrics, logs and transactions to visualize relationships, find patterns and detect anomalies
  • Pinpoint problems across complex Messaging and Event Streaming topologies accurately and quickly
  • Identify hotspots and exceptions to trigger alerts to reduce outages

Middleware Infrastructure Observability

Harness the power of comprehensive middleware observability with real-time monitoring capabilities tailored for your enterprise’s integration needs. Our platform supports a broad spectrum of major integration platforms, ensuring seamless observability across Kafka, Azure ESB, ActiveMQ, Solace, RabbitMQ, Tibco EMS, IBM MQ, and more. With our solution, you can effortlessly monitor metrics, events, logs, and traces from these diverse systems in a unified manner. Advanced alerting functionalities are built-in, enabling immediate notifications when predefined thresholds are exceeded, ensuring your middleware is fully optimized at all times.


Middleware Management

Streamline your middleware management processes with a centralized approach to access control, catering to multiple integration platforms across your enterprise. Leverage a single API to configure resources, significantly simplifying code-driven deployments for a more efficient CI/CD pipeline. Our platform facilitates the generation of comprehensive audit trails for all modifications to objects, alongside role-based access assignments, ensuring a secure, compliant and traceable environment. This robust framework empowers your team to manage and deploy integration solutions with unparalleled ease and precision, enhancing both development velocity and operational reliability.

meshIQ Middleware Management Platform
meshIQ Middleware Tracking Platform
Robust Reporting

Middleware Tracking, Distributed Tracing & OpenTelemetry

Effectively manage your middleware ecosystem with the comprehensive capabilities of meshIQ. Our platform not only ingests metrics, logs, and transactions but also utilizes AI/ML to generate long-term trends and predict performance bottlenecks and outages. Visualize intricate relationships, uncover patterns, and swiftly identify anomalies to ensure optimal performance across complex messaging and event streaming topologies. With the ability to pinpoint problems and hotspots accurately and rapidly, meshIQ empowers developers and administrators to proactively address issues, minimize outages, and optimize transaction performance throughout the integration landscape.