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Middleware is essential for building scalable, on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud applications. Manage and automate your middleware-powered deployments through your entire business, boost productivity and overall efficiency of your administrators, engineering and operations teams to ensure smooth, uninterrupted delivery of mission critical digital services.

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Administration and Self-Service
On-Premises, Hybrid, and Multi-Cloud

Administration and Self-Service

Integration Infrastructure is the nervous system of every digitally integrated business carrying digital signals within and across the business ecosystem.

This infrastructure, often referred to as middleware, is the fabric that powers modern organizations and when it fails — business fails.

Effective management of Integration Infrastructure reduces operational risk, increases agility and enables new business opportunities.

meshIQ’s Platform provides advanced management capabilities to the messaging middleware admins, and allows developers and QA teams to fully manage their own middleware requirements in a secure and private port

Configuration management icon

Configuration Management

Configure, control and deploy middleware artifacts. Keep track of changes across servers, VMs & containers.

  • Single pane of glass across the whole environment
  • Make changes to one or more objects
  • Provision new artifacts, deploy topologies
  • Manage on-premises, cloud, hybrid with ease
  • Control all your middleware from one place
Full change reporting icon

Full Change Reporting

Simplified global management

  • Find messages quickly (search)
  • Browse, move, copy, delete and edit
  • Modify, save & load messages in bulk
  • Test your apps by generating message traffic
Scheduling and automation icon

Scheduling and Automation

Schedule and automate changes across your middleware, cloud, hybrid environments.

  • Schedule changes, actions at any time
  • Keep track of changes and roll back if needed
  • Complete audit trail of all actions and changes
  • Trigger automations via IT automation tools (e.g. Ansible)
Transaction Tracking and Analytics
On-Premises, Hybrid, and Multi-Cloud

Transaction Tracking and Analytics

Middleware is essential for building scalable, on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud applications.

Use the knowledge you have already embedded in your messaging middleware platforms to visualize how each user’s engagement flows through your entire application stack. Then compare each engagement (transaction) with the historical record to quickly identify anomalies using a wide range of machine learning (A.I.) algorithms to proactively and also predictively identify performance events.

Machine learning icon

Machine Learning

Use Machine Learning to predict events

  • Visualize your entire application stack as topology flow diagrams
  • Overlay performance data for each system
  • Identify anomalies both predictively and proactively
  • Use machine learning to present probable root cause analysis
  • Integrate live views into your dash boarding apps
Transaction tracing and tracking icon

Transaction Tracing and Tracking

Visualize the pathway a user’s experience follows through your entire application stack

  • Trace the pathway of each transaction (or event)
  • Track each transaction, comparing it the historical record
  • Overlay performance data from each system or component
  • Report on any anomalies
Analytics icon


Understand the impact of each system on the user’s experience

  • Compare each transaction or group of transaction to the historical record
  • Visualize data in meaningful ways
  • Identify and report on KPI’s
  • Present live data in your own dash boarding applications
Monitoring and Observability
On-Premises, Hybrid, and Multi-Cloud

Monitoring and Observability

Monitor every source of machine data.

Using a library of open-sourced, but supported connectors (both agent and agent-less) to monitor every form of machine data on every platform, meshIQ delivers complete ecosystem monitoring.

meshIQ-based monitoring icon

meshIQ-Based Monitoring

Using a wide range of technologies to ensure complete infrastructure monitoring

  • Make changes to one or more objects
  • Provision new artifacts, deploy topologies
  • Manage on-premises, cloud, hybrid with ease
  • Control all your middleware from one place
meshIQ middleware-centric monitoring icon

meshIQ Middleware-Centric Monitoring

Enhance monitoring & observability with messaging middleware visibility

  • IBM MQ
  • Kafka
  • RabbitMQ
  • ActiveMQ
  • IBM App Connect Enterprise (ACE)/IIB
  • DataPower
  • Solace
  • Managed File Transfer (MFT)
  • And many more
Monitor environment icon

Monitor Your Entire Environment

End-to-end monitoring

  • Infrastructure
  • Platforms
  • Applications
  • Appliances
  • Mainframes
  • Messaging Middleware