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Published May 26, 2020

Getting ready to reopen offices!

Getting ready to reopen offices!

While we all continue to shelter in place, many companies are now going through the process of getting ready to reopen offices. Here in New York the government has put in place a rigorous reopening plan (one that I suspect is similar to that of most other countries and states). Our plan requires a county to pass seven tests, and once passed a four-phase opening process starts with at least 2 weeks between each phase to allow for validation testing.

This is a carefully thought through process that balances the needs of politics and economics with good science. I suspect no process is perfect, and there will be risk that we all need to take in getting the economy back.

We’ve made a number of changes in our own office environment to ensure that employees can social distance and maintain a high level of disinfection while we prepare for the upcoming return to some level of normality.

We’re all watching the data, every day at here and most days now we’re seeing many of the global and regional stats move from red to green, meaning that the reports are showing levels of improvement.

We’re now giving access to our data lake to anyone who cares to analyze the data themselves, and making use of a free instance of Nastel XRay you can add your own data sources, present your own custom views, and even share these in your own webpages and apps. If you are interested in being part of this, please visit here.

Nastel has created a feed with some new information on COVID-19! Click here.