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Published June 15, 2022

New open source database details the software that cloud service providers typically silently install on enterprises' virtual machines — often unbeknownst to customers.


If cloud services weren't complicated enough for the typical business today to properly configure and secure, there's also a lesser-known layer of middleware that cloud providers run that can harbor hidden security flaws.

Beware the 'Secret Agent' Cloud Middleware
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Published April 4, 2022

Industry analysts do primary research and two of the best, IDC and EMA (Enterprise Management Associates), have recently published some great insights for enterprises in 3 areas:

1.Digital First

Analyst firm IDC has revealed that their “Key Predictions for 2022 and Beyond” include that companies are dramatically accelerating their “Digital-first” initiatives to win in the customer experience (CX) wars and the race to increase digital revenue streams.

Industry Experts Weigh in on
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Published March 29, 2022

Who’s faking it?  Data-driven decision-making (and ensuring related investment is delivering on its promises) has been elevated in importance.  Every enterprise is replacing opinion with data-driven decision-making, correct?

A brand new research report from EMA (Enterprise Management Associates) titled, “A Data-Driven Enterprise” looks behind the curtain to separate facts and reality from fiction and aspiration.  Here are some of the findings from the latest research on enterprises.

Data-Driven Enterprise (or Just Talking Like One)?
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Published August 24, 2021

Today’s decision-making is different than even a few years ago.  More “data” is used, and the data inputs take several forms, including humans.

A big part of today’s strategy and decision-making at enterprise-class organizations are committees, made up of a company’s subject matter experts and relevant stakeholders for a critical company initiative.  They may meet quarterly or as needed and the committee work is in addition to their “day job.”

In a recent survey of decision-makers and professionals working in, or overseeing, integration infrastructure (i2) architecture or operations at large enterprises, we found that these corporate priorities warranted having a committee:

Top Committees in 2021:

  • Cloud Strategy
  • IT Transformation
  • Innovation
  • Risk Management
  • Quality / Customer Experience (CX) Improvement
  • Other - Integrations

Upon further discussion with senior executives, we kept hearing that while all committees officially drove strategy and direction for their initiative, the named initiatives with both a committee and an attached budget to fund the initiative made progress much more quickly.

Who is Driving Enterprise-wide Innovation, Transformation, Cloud Strategy and More?