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Published August 6, 2021

Since the inception of the internet, philosophers have been writing about the reduction in critical thinking that civilization has experienced.

Pre-internet when you wanted to understand a subject, you would turn to credentialed experts, who would have spent decades researching a specific topic, published papers and books on the subject, presented lecture series on the subject, and in many fields have a storied history of practicing what they preach.

How the Pandemic Accelerated the Changes to how we Consider Emails
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Published September 8, 2020

A business has to choose a pathway, either to focus on the needs of shareholders or the needs of customers. No one likes to hear this, because in the perfect world, we’d love to think that we can do both.

Shareholder Value versus Lifetime Customer Value.
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Published June 2, 2020

I recently had a technical problem to solve that had me stumped. My first reflex was to read the available documentation, hoping to find an answer. I didn't find what I was looking for.

You Don't Have Time To Build A Rocket Ship