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Secure self-service integration configuration management. Manage multiple middlewares on multiple operating systems from a single screen, boost productivity, time to market to ensure smooth, uninterrupted delivery of mission-critical digital services. Deep dive into the messages with granular security to find and fix problems before they impact your customers.

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On-Premises, Hybrid, and Multi-Cloud

Administration and Self-Service

Web-based administration and control of Apache Kafka, IBM MQ, IBM IIB/ACE, Solace PubSub+, and Tibco EMS from a single GUI. Accelerate deployment and migration of your middleware environment. Dramatically reduce the operational risk of delivering a multi-cloud digital strategy with automated audited deployment, migration, and secure DevOps self-service with total lifecycle management integrated into DevOps tooling. Accelerate troubleshooting, root-cause analysis, and remediation. Securely manage multiple middlewares at scale on multiple servers on multiple clouds and on-premises.

Configuration management icon

Configuration Management

Configure, control and deploy middleware artifacts. Keep track of changes across servers, VMs & containers.

  • Single pane of glass across the whole environment
  • Make changes to one or more objects
  • Provision new artifacts, deploy topologies
  • Manage on-premises, cloud, hybrid with ease
  • Control all your middleware from one place
Scheduling and automation icon

Scheduling and Automation

Schedule and automate changes across your middleware, cloud, hybrid environments.

  • Schedule changes, actions at any time
  • Keep track of changes and roll back if needed
  • Complete audit trail of all actions and changes
  • Trigger automations via IT automation tools (e.g. Ansible)
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Benefits for Customers


  • Your organization can now manage thousands of changes
  • Admins set the rules, developers and QA can access just their own queues and messages in a secure and private portal
  • Full change logs
  • Rollback changes as needed

Full Life-Cycle Management for Apache Kafka, IBM MQ, IBM IIB/ACE, Solace, and Tibco EMS

  • Secure self-service configuration management of multiple middlewares at scale from a single GUI for administrators and developers.
  • Make changes in bulk, interactively, scheduled or automated. Roll-back if required.
  • Automatic discovery of the entire integration configuration across the whole middleware estate.
  • View configuration, status & health of brokers, message flows, queues, channels, topics, producers, and consumers from a web browser with personalized views and dashboards.
  • Role-based security with granular access control for self-service.
  • Complete audit trail of all changes and actions.
  • Find objects and messages quickly, including searching for business data across the whole environment.
  • Browse, move, copy, re-route, and edit messages.
  • Test applications by generating message traffic.
  • Manage dead letter queues
  • Migrate middleware configurations and data to the cloud quickly and safely.
  • Schedule and automate changes with REST APIs including integration with Infrastructure-As-Code technologies such as Ansible, Terraform, Chef, Puppet, AWS CloudFormation, and Git.
  • Supports IBM MQ, IBM Integration Bus, IBM App Connect Enterprise, TIBCO EMS, Apache Kafka, Confluent Kafka, Cloudera Kafka MSK from a single pane of glass.
Secure Management for Middleware Administrators and Application Teams

Secure Management for Middleware Administrators and Application Teams

  • Configuration Management at Scale
  • Self-service with role-based highly granular security and auditing
  • Message Management and Testing
Easily Deploy, Update & Migrate Using Hybrid Cloud Containers

Easily Deploy, Update, and Migrate Using Hybrid Cloud Containers

  • IBM Cloud Pak For Integration (CP4I)
  • Red Hat OpenShift
  • Docker
  • Also available as a VM or bare metal binary install
Message Management and Testing

Message Management and Testing

See and control all your messages across queues and topics from a central point.

  • Find messages quickly (search)
  • Browse, move, copy, delete and edit
  • Modify, save & load messages in bulk
  • Test your apps by generating message traffic
Resource Center
  • Register: Receive an email with download instructions
  • Download: Download and install in just a few minutes
  • Run: Navigator Express and control your middleware

Self-Service for Administrators and Developers — Free Version

Free full function version of Navigator for 1 user and up to 5 brokers; a broker being an IBM MQ queue manager, an IIB broker, an ACE integration server, a Kafka broker or a TIBCO EMS server. Kafka includes all derivatives of Kafka e.g. Apache Kafka, Confluent Kafka, AMQ Streams, IBM Event Streams. Amazon MSK. Support provided on ad hoc and crowdsourced basis from cloud@meshiq.com and Reddit.

The server component of Navigator Express can be set up either using Docker or using a tar, “unzip and go” method. They require a Linux based environment, which can be a Virtual Machine or cloud hosted image. Additional installation options such as using native cloud instances are also available in their respective marketplaces. Regardless of the deployment choice, you should be up and running in less than 30 minutes.

To learn more about Navigator Express, there is an extensive set of articles, frequently asked questions, and videos in our resource center.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Take configuration snapshots and deploy them in your cloud environment. Manage all your environments from a central point.

  • Migrate whole or part of your middleware topologies
  • Take configuration snapshots and deploy anywhere
  • Schedule deployments, automate application provisioning
  • Secure, role-based access to each environment
  • Support for on-premises, AWS, Azure, and more
  • Validate environment stability with readiness checks
  • Compare environments and objects, ensuring migration accuracy
Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Role-based security with authentication and authorization from a central point.

  • Manage all your users, teams, groups, and access control
  • Single sign-on with LDAP & Windows AD integrations
  • Granular permissions by user, object, or action
  • Easily manage large and small organizations
  • Audit trail of all changes & actions


Extend Navigator platform using REST APIs.

  • Build your own automations easily
  • Integrate with your web apps, dashboards
  • Script configuration, actions & deployments
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