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meshIQ Kafka Solutions

Cost Effective Solution for Kafka Distribution Management and Observability with Enterprise Level Support

meshIQ Kafka Console | Kafka Management Solution
meshIQ’s Kafka Management Software

Manage Your Kafka Ecosystem

Discover meshIQ’s Kafka management software – the game-changer in Kafka management and observability. Engineered to deliver comprehensive control over your Kafka environments, meshIQ’s Kafka solutions offers an intuitive web-based GUI that simplifies Kafka’s complexities. From effortless cluster component management to real-time performance insights, our Kafka tools are your cost-effective solution to harness the full power of Apache Kafka. Experience unparalleled cost savings of 50% or more while achieving full observability across your entire Kafka distribution.

meshIQ Kafka Console | Kafka Management Solution
Scalable, Flexible and

Cost Efficient Supported Kafka

meshIQ’s Kafka solutions are the most cost-effective commercially supported Kafka distribution.  Enterprises that have used other commercially supported Kafka distributions have realized at least a 50% cost reduction. Our Kafka management solution is engineered not only for performance and scalability but also for cost efficiency, making it an ideal solution for enterprises looking to optimize their spending on data infrastructure while also reducing the resources needed to keep operations streamlined.

Comprehensive Observability and Management

Empowering Your Choice in Kafka Distribution

meshIQ Kafka Console sets a new standard for observability and management across the most extensively utilized messaging tools, presenting a unique proposition: the freedom to select your Kafka distribution path. Whether you opt for self-managed Kafka distribution or prefer the ease of a supported distribution, meshIQ Kafka Console ensures complete command and visibility. This unparalleled flexibility coupled with comprehensive monitoring tools positions your infrastructure for success, accommodating diverse operational needs and strategic directions.

meshIQ Kafka Console | Kafka Management Solution
meshIQ Kafka Console | Kafka Management Solution
Streamlined & Cost Effective

Kafka Management for Modernized Applications

meshIQ’s Kafka management software simplifies the complexities of deploying, managing, and scaling Kafka environments. It supports the modernization of applications and message delivery across MQ, Kafka, and Azure SB, ensuring seamless transitions without burdening your IT ecosystem. By providing end-to-end visibility through a single, intuitive dashboard, it allows IT teams to track key metrics and logs in real-time, such as message throughput and broker performance. The console’s sophisticated alerting system ensures swift responses to potential issues, enhancing productivity and accelerating the delivery of modernized applications to market.

Try The Industry’s Most Powerful Kafka Console

Manage and monitor all flavors of Apache Kafka within a single platform. Simplify your operations, boost performance, and ensure data integrity with meshIQ Kafka Console.