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Published June 4, 2020

Keeping abreast of COVID-19 – adding new ways to view the data

Keeping abreast of COVID-19 – adding new ways to view the data

If there was ever a question in anyone’s mind about the value of data, the recent experience we have all been through has answered it.

Knowing how a virus is spreading, the relative infection rates, how long people take to recover, how long they stay infectious, if the infection rates are reduced by social distancing, good sanitation precautions and the use of personal face masks and gloves have become topics we are now all experiential forced experts at.

Governments and businesses are continually evolving their methods of testing, tracing, tracking and reporting. And, of course, there is political pressure being exerted in all directions.

So having a reliable way of reporting on the available data, being able to analyze and consider trends is both valuable and emotional.

The Nastel XRay team has been providing a free, aggregated source of COVID-19 data on the GoCypher COVID-19 Dashboard here.

And we have been pre-registering those interested in combining this data with their own sources and using their own formulas to calculate new ways of looking through the data, visualizing and sharing it with their own applications here.

We’ve just added a new dimension here, now you can look at the available global data from the perspective of density per million, which allows you compare and contrast the relative effect if the virus on countries of different sizes.

We’re continually updating the data sources and building new analysis, so come back regularly to get the latest information.