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On-Demand: A Data-Driven Enterprise – New EMA Research Report

Report Overview

A Data-Driven Enterprise – New EMA Research Report

Organizations have embarked on the journey to be data-driven for years. However, organizations are now accelerating their digital transformation initiatives to meet increasing changes in the operational landscape and in data analytics.

Data-driven decision-making (and ensuring related investment is delivering on its promises) has been elevated in importance. What are the latest best practices? Where are your data gaps? How well does your organization stack up to your peers?

This timely research report details and summarizes key findings from EMA’s comprehensive study of enterprises conducted in the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany.


Highlights of the research report A Data-Driven Enterprise:

  • Perception of “data-driven” maturity and culture is high; however, perception of an organization’s strategy to be data-driven is not as strong
  • Resources and leadership are key factors preventing an organization’s maturity from being data-driven
  • Security is the top reason for being data-driven
  • Improved efficiency is the highest benefit of being data-driven
  • Management across all industries is now making it a priority to fix gaps in data needs, and most aim to do it within six months
  • Technology roles focus on reducing errors, monitoring, and detection, while execs focus on efficiency, accountability, IoT, and automation
  • Scalability and customer experience are the main reasons for EMEA companies selecting data analytics tools, while security and ease of use are the top reasons in North America
  • 20 graphics/charts, including industry-specifics findings
  • A new case study, Integration Infrastructure Management in an Enterprise: A Top 10 Bank with 3 Data-Driven Opportunities
  • Granular data from the i2 middleware layer is critical
  • Also, watch the On-Demand EMA webinar discussing the research report’s findings.


Will Schoeppner

Research Director, EMA

An accomplished information technology and business operations leader with more than 25 years of experience developing, managing, and leading business operations, integrated technology, and vendor management.