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GigaOm Sonar: Integration Infrastructure Management and Transaction Observability

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GigaOm Sonar Report on Infrastructure Management

This new GigaOm Sonar report explores the emerging technologies and market segment known as Integration Infrastructure Management (i2M) and Transaction Observability. It is an exploration of cutting-edge solutions and technologies which can address important new, and previously unaddressed, use cases for complex, integrated enterprises, and other fast-growing organizations.

This report is a must for any enterprise leveraging (or considering) any combination of IBM MQ, Kafka, Solace PubSub+, TIBCO EMS, IBM ACE (App Connect Enterprise), IBM Integration Broker, REST API, and other integration/middleware technologies, and any transaction-heavy company desiring more insight on their transactions.

GigaOm Sonar: Integration Infrastructure Management and Transaction Observability

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About the GigaOm Sonar Report

GigaOm Sonar Reports provide a structured analysis of nascent technology sectors to give decision-makers a clear and early view of vendor positioning and direction.

This GigaOm report is focused on emerging technologies and market segments. It helps organizations of all sizes to understand the technology and how it can fit in the overall IT strategy, its strengths, and its weaknesses. The report is organized into four sections:

Overview: An overview of the technology, its major benefits, possible use cases, and relevant characteristics of different product implementations already available in the market.

Considerations for Adoption: An analysis of the potential risks and benefits of introducing products based on this technology in an enterprise IT scenario, including table stakes and key differentiating features, as well as consideration of how to integrate the new product with the existing environment.

GigaOm Sonar: A graphical representation of the market and its most important players focused on their value proposition and their roadmaps for the future. This section also includes a breakdown of each vendor’s offering in the sector.

Near-Term Roadmap: A 12–18 month forecast of the future development of the technology, its ecosystem, and major players of this market segment.

Sonar Report Methodology

Sonar Report Methodology

A GigaOm Sonar report analyzes emerging technology trends and sectors, providing decision-makers with the information they need to build forward-looking — and rewarding — IT strategies. Sonar reports provide an analysis of the risks posed by the adoption of products that are not yet fully validated by the market or available from established players.

Over the years, depending on technology maturation and user adoption, a particular emerging technology may either remain niche or evolve to become mainstream. This GigaOm Sonar report intercepts new technology trends before they become mainstream and provides readers with insight to help them understand the value of those technologies for potential early adoption and the highest return on investment (ROI).